Lucky Wild Boars In Indian Temple

Thousands have, over the years, flocked the Om Sakthi Sri Jada Muneesvarar Alayam temple in Happy Park, Kamunting, Taiping to touch the wild boars there, for good fortune.

The wild boars which congregate at the temple grounds are from the secondary jungle nearby. They feed on the food prepared for them by temple volunteers. The temple, popularly known as the "Lucky Wild Boar Temple", have attracted hundreds of visitors daily since news spread of many people winning the local empat ekor (4-digit lotteries - Magnum 4D, Sports Toto, and Damacai) draws.

According to folklore, the wild boars are specially protected by the deity of the temple and are said to have special powers to bring good luck to those who touch them.

Believers usually stretch out their hands through the wooden barricade holding either pieces of paper with numbers written on it, paper money or lottery tickets to rub on the wild boars. Some even pluck strands of hair from the boars to keep as lucky charms.

According to local residents, about 6 years ago, news began to spread about the temple when a local Chinese handyman, carrying out repair works at the temple, stroked the wild boars and won numerous empat ekor prizes.

There are a few pantang larang (prohibitions) when at the temple, one of which is that visitors cannot refer to the wild boars as 'boars' or "pigs" in their presence, but must refer to them as "ah-maa" or chant “Ba, babababa…”

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ivan said...

I will go to this place during CNY time. Im from Ipoh so Taiping not very far.

yeo said...

interesting post. not heard of this before. have to try on day.

thomas said...

i heard the wild boars only comes during prayer time, which is almost dark,is it true?

khong aik said...

@thomas, yeah the boars come at night fall. its a fascinating experience if you've not been to one.

Fatty Pau said...

Wild Boar..yum yumm..there is a wantanmee stall at jalan tun razak (near tudm) that sells curry wild boar with wantanmee. its super delicious!

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