China Fashion Week

This is one of the new fashion revealed at the China Fashion Week in September last year. If I didn't know any better, I would have thought it was the China Comedy Week. The picture above shows a model wearing mismatched outfit bought from a pasar malam in Beijing. Honestly, who will really wear these clothes ? here's another one:

This creation can be called "Suit of the Times" ?. This joker got some clocks from IKEA and sewed it on a diving suit.

See more funny creations in the China Daily.

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donny said...

What idiots. No creativity at all.

Jane said...

this is really funny...especially the one with clocks. i think they got the cloks from ikea too..

matahari said...

hahaha. she's wearing the toy pink specs, can see anything meh ?

jit kwang said...

clock suit can be named "suit-able times" lol

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