Human Fat Used In Cosmetics

The Peruvian police said last week that they have caught up with a gang of 4 that had killed dozens of people for their fat.

The gang sold the dead victim's fat to buyers who used it to make cosmetics. The fat collected was then stored in used soda and water bottles before it was sold to cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies in Europe.

According to news reports, the gang allegedly targeted people in remote areas, luring them with phony job offers for the purpose of killing them for their fat.

As the market price for human fat is as high as RM52,500 a litre, it is not surprising that this lucrative "killing for fat" has been going on for the last 30 years.

The police are now also searching for people who bought the fat or are associated with the gang.

This sinister scheme is similar to the scenes in the movie Fight Club, when antihero Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) steals bags of human fat (see pic above) from the dumpster of a liposuction clinic to make soap.

What will people think of next ? Some people like the pork lard in Char Koay Teow. Maybe, in future, human lard will be used instead ... double yummy ! but then the price will also increase from its current RM4.50 per plate to RM100 per plate. Makan minyak orang mati...

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