Miss Singapore Ris Low Credit Card Fraud

The Straits Times, reported last month that Miss Singapore World Ris Low, 19, was found guilty of credit-card fraud prior to winning the pageant.

The newspaper stated that Ris Low was convicted of 5 charges of misappropriation, cheating using illegally obtained credit cards, and impersonating their users' identities.

Ris Low apparently spent more than S$2,400 on amongst others, 2 gold anklets worth approximately S$1,000, a S$698 hand phone, and food and drinks at an up market restaurant.

It is believed that, Ris Low who used to work for a health care company as a patient-service assistant, stole the credit cards from the patients.

She is currently a student studying for a diploma in Hospitality and a diploma in Nursing.

In the above video, Ris Low speaks about how she stole the credit cards and why she did it.

Yes, she has made some bad decisions, but as she is only 19 years old and it is her 1st offense, people should give her a break. Everyone makes mistakes.

Please post her comments.


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