Lady Barbers Offering "Special Massage" As Upgraded Service

This pic is for illustrative purposes only

There are lady barbers in Alor Setar, Kedah, offering male customers more than then the usual haircut, reported a local tabloid.

The news report said that the barber girls charged RM10 for a regular haircut, but if the customer wants a nomal massage with the haircut, he has to pay an additional RM30.

For a "special massage", however, the customer is charged an addional RM50 per session. The customer who opts for this special massage is brought into a small seperate room and is entertained by the female barber on a mattress laid on the floor.

Apparently, there is also a "full package" service, which includes sex, at RM150.

This reminds me of purchasing a computer, the customers has options to "upgrade" his purchase according to his specification and budget.

I believe that there are lady barber shops in Kuala Lumpur, as well, which offer the "special massage" as an added incentive to lure male customers.

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