The New Gutter Post and Gutter Uncensored


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The original gutter post blog hosted using the blogspot subdomain on google's blogger platform has been banned by google sometime in February this year. It then moved to its own hosted site called This site has since been inaccessable.

While there are still people searching for gutter uncensored blogspot, the site owner has kept changing its url attempting to evade detection from the authorities.

The gutterpost which became famous after the expose of Edison Chen's nude pictures, was shut down by google because it violated google terms of service for blogger.

There are so many rumours why the new website Gutter Uncensored was been banned by google and now defunct.

So many sex scandal pics have been exposed by the gutter post and subsequesntly the Gutter Uncensored that it became very popular amongst Malaysians. The site according to, ranked among the the top 35 sites visited by Malaysians.

There were many copycat versions of the gutterpost but none were as successful.

Some say this is the new gutter post.


Gutter post updates


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