You Can Buy A Stun Gun In KL for RM45

You can buy a stun gun for just RM45 reports a local tabliod. The China made stun guns are sold openly in Kuala Lumpur from between RM45 to RM350. The expensive model costing RM350 can apparently kill an animal as large as a cow.

According to the retailer, customers buy stun guns to protect themselves and not usually to commit crimes. Of course, in the wrong hands, anything can be misused.

Stun guns work by administering an electric shock by direct contact. It merely stuns a person and does not cause serious bodily harm. Despite this, it is illegal to possess a stun gun in Malaysia under the Firearms Act.

In the US, you can purchase a handphone with stun gun capabilities for as little as US$50.

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Mr.Waran said...

In Malaysia we need such devices to protect our self.The crime rate is very high,even at day time we need to be cautious because of these criminals bastards.

Our police cannot save guard everyone,even though they tried their level best.Our government must allow us to use stun guns for our self protections.We cannot say that this products will be used by criminals if we legalize the sale.We need to stop think negatively,this is because even the parang's,guns and other offensive products has been banned but they still manage to get it and using it to do criminal activities.

So i do strongly believe that this stun guns must be allowed to be used by the people for protection.

Criminal now are very daring and make easy prey on victims because they knew that we don't carry any self defense products and this make it easier for them.If everyone have this kind of products do you think criminal will act blindly or make an easy prey?I don't think's time for us to fight the criminal rascals.

Bibi said...

A stun gun is highly needed in Malaysia because of the crime here, i was once a victim, and believe me, if i had a stun gun i would have used it on the bastard that took my lap top from me. He was very confident of himself that i was not going to defend myself. If i even had a real gun, i would have blown his head off too.


Anonymous said...

If stun gun is sold legally, it can be misused by the criminal also. That the problem.


Anonymous said...

=.= i was jus robbed this evening.
im 17. Two guys with a knife robbed my hp. I hate those bastards.
i need this Stun Gun. But duno wer to buy.
someone can tel me or help me to buy? o.o

fredric said...
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Tommy said...

Cool. Thanks for the heads up. I am really on a look out for one because I am new to self defense and I am new to these kinds of gadgets. Thanks.

Farouq Khan said...

Recently there was a lady who got killed inside an overhead bridge because she refused to let a thief steal her purse. The thief got angry and stabbed her to death. So, in such cases we see the importance of stun guns. Hoowever, a stun gun can also be used wrongly. There is greater chances of thieves using these stun guns to steal things from people rather than people using these stun guns to protect themselves. Therefore, for the safety of people, it is better that the ban is not lifted!

Ratnasari said...

May be the Government should legallize the sale of Stun Gun but with a lower electric capacity.

Anonymous said...

Hi,I'm looking forward to buy a stun gun for my own safety, since i now moved to KL cheras.So PLEASE can anyone tell me where can i buy it?
Budget RM50-RM250


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