Buying A Vietnamese Wife

We all know that people purchase pets, but we forget that it has been a long practice for men to also "purchase" brides. These days, the growing trend among Malaysian and Singaporean men are Vietnamese brides.

Some apparently believe in the myth that Vietnamese women possess a mysterious tribal lust that makes them bedroom dynamos. Most of the men who seek to purchase Vietnamese wives expect their wives to behave like geishas.

In Singapore, a teenage virgin Vietnamese bride can be purchased on-the-spot for RM25,000. There are reports of 18 year old Vietnamese girls sold to late 30 year old Singaporean men. Some of these men went to the matchmaking agency to choose a bride together with their moms.

What’s worse, the girls were made to visit a clinic to get a "certificate of fitness" verifying their virginity before the transaction is completed.

Well, some reports claim that it is possible to purchase a virgin Vietnamese bride for as little as RM10,000. I suspect the quality of the "merchandise" is a major factor in the price disparity.

Last month there was a news report that a 47 year old Malaysian man "returned" his 22 year old Vietnamese wife to the matchmaking agency 17 days after their wedding.

The man, who purchased his Vietnamese wife for RM13,800 demanded a refund because he complained, among other things, that he could not communicate with her as she could only speak Vietnamese. It was not reported, however, why didn't he know this prior to purchasing her and only found out that she was not multilingual 17 days after their wedding. I read that some matchmaking agencies offer a "trial period" where if the customer is not satisfied with his wife, a replacement cant be arranged, minus a small "administrative fee".

Anyway, coming back to the original story, the matchmaking agency was not pleased with the man's antics as they do not operate like a departmental store which has a money back guarantee policy. On hindsight, he should have bought his wife with his credit card, then he'd be able to claim a charge back for "faulty goods".

It is not known if, in future, "hire purchase" terms or "installment plans" can be arranged with matchmaking agencies to purchase brides, thus making them more affordable to the masses.

However, to some men, despite the price and social stigma attached to investing in a Vietnamese wife, they believe that in the long run this will prove to be more cost effective compared to marrying a local woman.

Caveat: If you want to buy a wife, pay by credit card or arrange for an installment plan to protect yourself.

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