Bull's Head Susuk Cream

There is a new face cream primarily for men in the Malaysian market - "the krim susuk kepala kerbau" literally meaning the bull's head susuk cream.

In Malay culture, susuk is a supernatural ritual where needles charmed by a Shaman or Bomoh are inserted into the soft tissues of the face to act as talismans. As the practice of susuk pre-dates Islam and is considered a pagan practice, Muslims are thus prohibited from using susuk.

Despite its name, the krim susuk kepala kerbau which originates from Thailand, is not made from bull's head at all. Rather, it is made from the Munggal tree bark and includes human bones as main ingredients. This magic cream is not cheap, it is reportedly sold from RM2,500 to RM5,000 a jar in Thailand.

Unfortunately you can't buy it from your local Guardian pharmacy or through the normal retail channels. This product is so exclusive that only those in the inner circle of bomohs will know where to purchase it.

According to the article by a Malaysian tabloid, the bull's head susuk cream apparently has the same effect as the susuk using needles - it is believed the susuk will make one appear charismatic, charming and attractive to others due to its supernatural powers. The krim susuk kepala kerbau is popular despite its price because its convenient to use - one just has to apply the cream to one's face and recite a given Thai mantra, in addition to observing its pangtang-larang (prohibitions).

Considering its comprehensive benefits i.e. charisma, charm and beauty, RM5,000 a jar is a bargain. The down side is that there is no money back guarantee if the stuff doesn't work. Further, if anything goes wrong, you'd have to look for the bomoh who sold it to you.

I can imagine this cream being popular with ambitious metrosexual men in particular.

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