The Nabau Monster Of Sarawak

According to Iban folkore, Nabau is a giant sea serpent (or dragon) more than 100 feet long. The legend also says that Nabau is a shape shifter capable of transforming itself into different animals. One version of its origins is that the Nabau had once turned into a human being, trying to seduce a warrior’s wife. The warrior, having caught Nabau, sliced the serpent into seven parts and threw them into the river. These parts then became the seven rocks rapids now found along the Rejang River.

On 31st January 1009, a member of the disaster relief committee in Sibu sighted Nabau while monitoring floods in Ulu Rajang from a helicopter. He then took photographs of the monster which was in Sungai Baleh.

The Ibans of Sarawak believe that the grand Nabau is like a petara (a god), having supernatural powers, and anyone seeing it will apparently experience good fortune.

Watch this video and post your comments.

What do you think ? Is Nabau real ?


Anonymous said...

I looked closer and from the zoomed-in photo, I could say this Nabau is so real. Others may disregard it as photoshop-altered image but the people here in the area were villager, not those city-dwellers. Who can prove that the meteor struck the Earth 65 million years ago to take place? and if it did happen, who can prove the strike wiped out all the living species. Again, the science has 2 face, and the scientists do exaggerate sometimes for their personal gain. My own opinion, this is real.

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