Liposuction Can Cause Death

Liposuction, also known as lipoplasty is simply a cosmetic surgery operation that removes fat from many different parts of the human body. The above video shows how liposuction is done.

Apparently the amount of fat removed varies from doctor or doctor, the method used, and the patient, but typically, it is less than 5 kgs (about 10 pounds).

However, liposuction can be dangerous if not done professionally. Yesterday, Noraini Mohd Ghazali, a 30-year-old company manager, died during the follow-up treatment of a liposuction procedure.

Noraini Mohd Ghazali completed liposuction procedure at a beauty salon in Kuala Lumpur, several months ago. She returned to the salon yesterday after complaining of pain. Its is believed that she he died due to an allergic reaction to an anaesthetic shot given at the salon.

Its better to be safe than sorry. Be cautious when seeking beauty or health treatments, make sure that the business is licensed, qualified persons are conducting the procedure and authorised products are used.

There are now plenty of bogus beauty salons in Malaysia claiming to do liposuction and other kinds of beauty treatment, hoping to make a quick buck from the high demand in these kinds of services.

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