Ghost Seeks Wife & Son

According to an English daily, 5 men from Alor Setar have sought the help of Micheal Chong, the MCA's Public Services and Complaints Department head, to locate a ghost's wife and son.

The 5 men have, prior to this, taken out advertisements in 3 Chinese newspapers seeking the ghost's wife, Chong Sim Choon and son, Chew Kon Lai.

They claim that the ghost communicated with them when they visited Cambodia in early March this year, when one of them was possessed by the spirit of a dead man demanding that they find his wife and son.

It all started when they checked into a hotel room warned by the masseuse as "spiritually unclean". Not long after 2 of them started telling jokes and ridiculing spirits, they felt the presence of spirits about them. As a result, one of them, Teow Hsium Choon, 36, a factory worker, was then possessed many times the same night by spirits including the one in question.

The ghost warned the 5 that it will continue to hunt them unless they find his wife and son.

Those who have information about the ghost's wife and son please contact Teow Hsium Choon at 019-575 8288 or MCA's Public Services and Complaints Department secretary Tay Joann at 03-2161 5678.

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