Desperate Malaysian Women

A girl asked this question in an online forum:

"Where can i get a boyfriend, fast ???!!!"

And these are some of the answers and suggestions by readers:

1. start the hoe show. that's how u get a guy FAST. a boyfriend shouldn't come FAST

2. Try the local pub after last call....they are so desperate

3. Unless you weigh 240lbs and have a face like a hog! Then anywhere hon! Have a great day!

4. Do u go to a school or something like that with boys there? When you are at this place try talking to some guys. play up ur cuteness and all that, flirt, and if he doesnt step up then YOU ask him out. Look pretty and good luck!

5. Miliatry bases and prisons are usually full of single men. Does that help?
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6. Be daring. Get a male escort.

7. Take it easy. With such haste you are apt to end up in a bad relationship. Why are you in such a hurry anyway ? Peer pressure ?

8. you dont need to FIND a boyfriend, your true love will find you when the time is right.

9. Honestly, that's the most superficial question I've ever read. You can find a boyfriend anywhere. If you want junk, go to bars. If you want someone respectable, go to good places and be friendly!

Don't be in such a hurry to find a boyfriend. Get your life in order and get on a path that leads you to the life you want. Get into your life's groove and find your path. Make a plan for what you want to accomplish.

In the meantime, if you find a man that fits with your goals, give him the opportunity to show that he supports you. Don't sell yourself short. Do what you want to do, and worry about the man later.

Good luck, sweetie.

10. Church. Are you a young adult? Church youth group.

Grocery store. You'll have to flirt.

Ask your friends and family. I met my husband on a blind date that was set up by my brother-in-law! You might be surprised who they've been wanting to set you up with.

But take your time. Patience will get you many good things.

11. if u want to find a boyfriend fast try talkin and become friends make sure u have a reason to like him not cause u needed a boyfriend but usually if a girl has a guy friend they end up goin out i had a girl that was a friend and she asked me out. i had 3 girls that i knew of that liked me all at once b4 and they were all my friends.


13. stepping outside and yelling "I need a boyfriend" should do it.

14. Do you not have any friends who can pretend to be one ?

15. School or the mall

16. ebay!

17. why need a boyfriend when its so happy when you are single and can have dates as in dating different guys without any old are you? just asking:)

18. i have 2 here...come on over

19. dont be so attached. be more independent. you dont need a boyfriend. try bars.

20. go outside, seek a boy, ask him if he could be your friend.

21. craigslist

22. friendster

23. facebook

24. anti-ISA vigils - bring your own candles !

25. dating sites -,


27. gaming sites - casino, poker online games

28. hanging out in One Utama or Mid Valley

29. the cinema

30. the mamak in Hartamas or Bangsar


Ok, folks...please post your comments giving new suggestions or telling us which of the above answer(s) you agree with. Thanks.




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