Newscaster And Actress Caught At Forbidden Party

A newscaster and an actress were among 26 people, between 18-31 years old, caught in a sex party at Cabana Inn in Jalan P. Ramlee Kuala Lumpur early in the morning on new year's day.

It was reported in the press that the 22-year-old newscaster for Astro, is also engaged and is due to be married next week.

The actress, 25, has played a role in a movie made by a well known film director.

Apparently, when the police raided the room at about 3.30am, some of those in party were already high on drugs.

The party was said to be organised by 2 men through the online social network, Friendster.

The police found various types of alcoholic drinks, condoms and drugs at hotel room including ketamine, cocaine and syabu.

Although sex parties are nothing new in Malaysia, the extend of these parties being propagated through the Internet is interesting to note.

According to a news report, sex parties are organised by a few friends and acquaintances, who send out invitation to others via the Internet and handphones.

The venue is kept secret until the last minute. Once everything is set, an sms by handphone is sent to participants who pay between RM100 to RM300 to attend.

Sex parties are organised on a "small scale" with 4 participants, to large ones with more than 30 participants.

Drugs and alcohol are commonly made available to assist participants lose their inhibitions. Almost anything goes at these parties, including swapping partners. In some parties, women put on different coloured lipsticks and perform oral sex on the men.

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