How To Use Twitter - For Newbies

I've just decided to give twitter, the micro-blogging platform, a second try after reading how useful it can be for making friends and sharing information. So far, so good...I'm getting the hang of it. Fantastic tool. There are many ways twitter can help you in real life.

Go to the twitter homepage and watch the video on how it works. You can also use this feature or Twellow to search for people, hobbies, interests, or keywords you want, to get a better idea of twitting. You can also see who are the top twitter users with twitterholic.

Give twitter a try, its FREE. And it might also change your life.

For newbies, I recommend reading how to start using twitter. This is a very useful article - a shortcut to using twitter. Follow the advice in the article and you'll be using twitter in 15 minutes.

Facebook fans might want to read the difference between facebook and twitter.

And for those who have already joined, you can opt to "follow me" (the twitter term for "add me") here.

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