Barack Obama Elected President

Barack Obama, the "Prince of Change", is set to be sworn in as the 44th president of the United States Of America. Some Malaysians believe that 44 isn't a good number. In Chinese geomancy the number 44 represents a "double death" (Sei-Sei, in Cantonese). But adding 4+4, you get 8 (Fatt, in Cantonese) - as Fatt means prosperity, it is believed that the number 8 brings the equivalent positive vibes. So, WTF ? (What The Fatt ?)

The America people have made yet another dramatic and benchmark decision today by electing their first black president. With this landslide victory, Senator Barack Obama is poised to start a new era in America and possibly the world. What kind of new era, however, is yet to be seen. But as the last eight years under President Bush have been very disappointing for most Americans, how bad can Obama be, in comparison ? If you've been eating roti canai everyday for the last eight years, even maggi mee will be a welcome change.

Barack Hussein Obama, whose father is Kenyan and mother, a white American, beat his rival John McCain by winning the key states of Pennsylvania and Ohio, prior to passing the essential threshold of 270 electoral college votes at 0400 GMT, when results showed he had also won California and many other states.

America's political hurricane has also caused Obama's Democratic Party, to wrest convincing control over both the Senate and the House Of Representatives as well. This shows how desperate Americans must be for change.

Change has already started in America, and the winds of this change may blow towards our direction. Eating roti canai everyday for so many years can be really enduring, and equally bad for health. Why not try eating something different ?

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