The Art & Ethics Of Double Parking Your Car

A lot of people would agree that whilst illegal parking (double parking) is perhaps one of the biggest contributing factor to chaotic traffic congestion at popular commercial areas in the Klang Valley, it is nevertheless a necessary evil.

Even Mat Salleh (Caucasian) expats living in Malaysia have resigned to the idea that "when in Rome, do as the Romans do..." - thus in Malaysia, they have also learned to double park their cars just like Malaysians.

As the art of double parking has become a necessary survival skill when living in cities like Kuala Lumpur, the ethics involved should be considered as well. Why ethics ? well, to be considerate to other motorist, you'd have to double park your car in such a way so as not to block the traffic flow on the street. There are lots of inconsiderate "double parkers" (a new Malaysian term) in the Klang Valley - they double park their cars and leave very little space for other vehicles to maneuver, thus clogging the street. Some even double park their cars and just disappear from the vicinity. This cause the drivers wishing to remove their cars from the proper parking lots pressing on their horns (sometimes for 15 minutes or more) in attempt to get the attention from these inconsiderate double parkers, who are no where in sight. This is totally inconsiderate and irresponsible double parking ethics.

Allow me to be politically incorrect: the major culprits unfortunately are women, Ah Bengs and Machas. Women, because they normally can't drive or park very well to begin with - a skill flaw. Ah Bengs and Machas, because they are generally socially inconsiderate - an education problem. I might be wrong, as I do not have statistics to back this up, but this is my personal opinion based on my observation.

According to a recent news report, there are apparently plenty of commercial parking facilities made available, but motorist just refuse to pay the exorbitant parking fees. Of course, no one is willing to pay RM3.00 per hour if they're only wanting to park their cars for less than half an hour. What's worse is that these commercial parking facilities are usually half empty and the car park management would rather leave it that way instead of restructuring the fee system.

So folks, if you have to double park your car - be considerate.

Please post your comments. And be considerate also. ;)


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