Lim Kok Wing University Students Scandal Pics

It has been reported in the press recently that two Malaysian women from Lim Kok Wing University in Cyberjaya had their intimate pics with their boyfriend posted on a blog. The pictures and videos were taken between 2004 and 2005.

Apart from posting the photos of the threesome in various sexual positions, the blog also provided links to download two videos featuring these women having sex with their boyfriend.

The two girls are local Chinese and the guy is a foreign student from Pakistan. It appears that the two girls are sharing the same guy and they are all friends. Each girl took turns to film the other girl having sex with the Pakistani guy.

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A reader sent me the link to the blog with the pics and videos - here and here. Enjoy.

Please post your comments.

P/s: As I think people's privacy should be respected, I have removed the links. Sorry Folks. But you can find them yourself from a blog called thegutterpost


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