Massage Centres In Kuala Lumpur


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There are many myths (fortunately not legends) surrounding the massage parlour. Many people can guess that massage parlors are dodgy places where all types of sexual activity takes place. And if they are referring to massage parlours in Kuala Lumpur, they are mostly right. Whilst the are some clean massage centres in Kuala Lumpur, however, in reality, most massage parlors is KL offer dodgy services to survive. The massage parlor may be called a spa, health centre, or massage centres where messuese, locally referred to as massage girls from China, Thailand, Indonesia or Vietnam entertain cutomers with their sexual chams.

Pink Angel Spa in Balakong, for instance, offer a variety of special services for men. Penis or genital massage called Urut Batin (in Malay) or Chook Kan (in Chinese) is the standard offer. Urut Batin is believed to cure erectile dysfunction (ED)or locally called mati pucuk (in Malay). It is disputable if the Urut Batin offered is the genuine stuff. What I mean is that, usually a messuese who does urut batin is an old woman (or man) from Indonesia trained in traditional massage techniques. There young messuse from 3rd world countries are not trained to do Urut Batin, all they do is masturbation.

A real massage centre is relatively easy to come by. These are usually located in the up market suburbs in Kuala Lumpur, like Sri Hartamas and Bangsar. Rumble Jim Health Centre in Sri Hartamas, for instance, offers massage for women and men. Thai and Swedish massage is their specialty. The messuse are specially trained and certified before they can start servicing customers. There are many different packages to choose from.

Customers who have not been to a massage parlour before will be most surprised by this. The services provided are to the safest of standards and the staff, most professional.

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A massage centre is a great place to rest or recharge your spirit. It can be ideal place for social gatherings, as more people are adapt to methods of cultural integrity that make it much easier to do business or make deals in the given relaxing environment.

If you're looking for a more erotic type massage visit - Massage Kuala Lumpur.



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