Lesbian Video Clip And Female Gangsters

The NST reported this:

KUANTAN: Another pornographic video clip featuring a secondary schoolgirl has surfaced here.
But this time, the content was more disturbing as it showed a girl forced to strip and being abused by a group of female gangsters.

The victim, believed to be a Form Two student, was forced to perform sexual acts in front of the group, which included several boys.

It is understood that the victim was abused as a payback for exposing the sexual and gangster activities of the other girls.

The culprits were believed to be involved in an earlier video clip that was circulated, featuring a Form Four and Form Five female student in a lesbian sex romp.
The existence of the first video clip was highlighted last week in the New Straits Times after it was found by a company manager in his daughter's mobile phone.

In the second clip, one of the female gangsters forced the victim to perform sexual acts.

Speaking with a thick Pekan accent, the gangster said: "Sit here and do it stupid!

"If not, I will kick you. Do you want me to distribute this (the recording) to the whole school?"

Throughout the two-minute and 39 second video clip, the victim was physically and verbally abused.

Her tormentors also made comments on her looks and body.

It could not be confirmed where and when the incident took place.

But a student, who claimed to be the victim's schoolmate, said that it was recorded in a classroom of a secondary school here.

"The girl was forced to perform the act in front of several female and male students," the schoolmate said.

She also claimed that the gangsters and the victim were from the same school.

She believed that the culprits were also involved in the first video clip.

The students involved in the lesbian video clip have been suspended from school.


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