Warning: Ways You Can Be Extorted At Night In Malaysia

Malaysia is getting to be very dangerous at night, especially in Kuala Lumpur.

Last 2 years, a few days before Chinese New Year, my friend and I went for a few drinks at night and then headed for home at about 1.30am. On the way home, we decided to have something to eat at the food court at Taman Desa Kuala Lumpur. There were no other cars at the huge car park, so we had the whole parking lot to ourselves (those who knows this food court will know how large it is).

There were no other customers at the food court except us. There was only the Wan Ton mee stall Myanmar workers who were about to close shop and a few other Myanmar workers mending the drinks counter also closing shop.

We ordered Wan Ton mee and 2 large bottles of Carlsberg beer. Once the Myanmar workers served us the food and drinks they went home and left us alone at the food court.

After finishing our meal, we continued to drink our beer and chatted. Then about 2.30am an old beat-up red Proton Wira drove in the food court area, made a round then "accidentally" hit my friend's new Vios right in front of our eyes. The Wira hit the back of the Vios which dented it and broke one side of the back light.

We then got out and met the Proton Wira driver and his friend (both young punks - in their early 20s). The driver apologised and offered to pay for the damage. My friend agreed. Then the punk said he had to call his "friend" to get an assessment of the damage. Within 5 minutes the punk's "friend" drove to the food court in his 30 year old beat-up Mercedes. He stopped his car at the accident scene abruptly, swung opened his car door and came out of the car. But he left his car engine on, his car door still open and his car head lamp still on (just like in Hong Kong gangster films).

The punks "friend" is an elder looking Chinese guy (in his late 30s or early 40s) who looks, acts and speaks like some kind of "Tai Kor". The punk driver refused to give us his IC number and said that if we wanted compensation we had to go to their workshop. My friend and I sensed something fishy and said we wanted to make a police report at the police station nearby.

The Tai Kor became angry and said he knew all the police there and then proceeded to call someone on his handphone. 5 minutes later a policeman riding a cup chai came to the scene, he advised us to settle the matter amicably and then left.

We knew then that these "thugs" were not going to pay any compensation and that the "accident" was just their modus operandi to extort money from people. My friend then politely told the Tai Kor and the punks that they don't have to pay any compensation despite the damage to his Vios, but to just leave us alone.

Upon hearing this, the punk driver and his Tai Kor started getting abusive and stated shouting abuses and kicking the plastic chairs. We just remained calm. Then, suddenly, a tow truck appeared at the scene.

The Tai Kor then said that we owed them money. He said that we had to pay for the damages to their car (the red Wira), the "kow tim money" to the police and the expenses for the tow truck. He said we owe him RM800. Fcuk ! He wanted us to pay for all the trouble they caused us. It was obviously a set up. We just looked surprised at his threats but remained calm.

After a few more abusive words and threats, they walked towards their respective cars (the beat-up Wira and Mercedes). But before driving off the scene, the red Wira backed up and reversed into my friends car again - to hit it at the same spot, to make the damage worse (obviously on purpose) and then shouted a warning: "if you don't want to pay us, then you have to be very careful, we will be watching you". Then both cars sped off - Hong Kong gangster style. ;)


There is another story about a friend's friend - James, who was driving his brand new Camry at night somewhere in Ampang. A car from nowhere then hit him from behind, he stopped his car and got out. 2 people came out of the other car pretending to inquire about the "accident", then one of them took out a parang and threatened James. The thugs then drove off with James' new Camry, his wallet and handphone.

If someone hit your car, don't get out or negotiate when there are no other people around. Drive towards the nearest police station and make a report.


Read the latest incident involving a female blogger in while driving towards the Cheras toll.
Her car was hit by another car who tried to force her to stop and get our of the car.
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Try to also avoid filling petrol after midnight (especially ladies). There are news reports that people have been attacked and extorted by Mat Rempits. After 12am, all the petrol stations' mini markets are closed and the workers at the petrol station will not come out to help you when you are surrounded by 7-10 Mat Rempits.

Please post your comments and experience. Thanks.


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