Why Some Malaysian Women Prefer Black Men ?

We all know that there is a growing number African nationals who now live (and "work") in Malaysia. Despite them not being favourably regarded by Malaysians because of the negative image they have attracted over the years as "trouble makers" or "criminals", some local women find them irresistibly attractive.

According to a report by Harian Metro, the local women who are attracted to African men claim that these guys have the "gift of the gab", among others, including being ‘gentlemen’, open minded and patient.

The report mentions a Malay woman called Suzi, who is in her mid 30s. She said that she met her ex boyfriend (an African guy), in a local club and has been dating him for 8 years but has recently broken up.

Suzi who has dated Chinese, Malay, Indian and Filipino men said African men are different from Asian men.

When asked if it is true of the cliche that "if a girl has slept with an African man, she will not want to0 sleep with any other ?" Suzi denied this then avoided discussion about her "physical" relationship with her African ex-boyfriend.

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Anonymous said...

i am dating an African guy and i am no longer attracted to asian man.

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