Sperm Drinking Ritual


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An online portal has reported a bizarre ritual of sperm drinking amongst a small tribe in New Guinea of approximately 400 people.

In this tribe, apparently, young boys participate in a ritual of swallowing the semen of their elders, for power. As the tribe believe that the highest concentration of vital force is found in semen, thus, power is apparently transmitted to the young boys from older males via this ritual.

I suppose thats why the tribe is so fcuking small - only 400 people. They are doing the wrong thing with their sperm eh ? depositing in the worng place. LOL

I was told that in some private male boarding schools in the West, membership into a fraternity includes consuming the semen of other new recruits. The new recruits form a circle with a piece of bread or biscuit in the centre. They then compete to masturbate and ejeculate on that piece of bread or biscuit in the center of the circle. The last person to ejaculate has to eat the bread or biscuit with the sperm of others on it.

Another website has said that foods actually affects the taste of sperm. Apparently you can make your sperm taste sweet by drinking lots of pineapple juice, watermelon juice or by eating bananas or papayas. Eating a lot of red meat (like mutton and beef) can make your sperm taste more acidic - sour. Drinking lots of alcohol or coffee can make your sperm more bitter.

A female magazine claimed the health and beauty benefits of women consuming semen. It recommended mixing your lover's sperm with coke or whiskey before drinking it. I suppose this drink will be called a cock-tail, right ? (no pun intended).

What do you think guys ? LOL

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