Real Pontianak Filmed With Handphone

Hantu Pontianak Di Tanjung Putri, Female Ghost in Malaysian - Click here for more amazing videos

This is a video footage of a pontianak. The pontianak is a type of vampire in Malay folklore, similar to the Langsuir. The pontianak is also known in Indonesia as kunti.

Accoding to folklore, a woman who dies during childbirth and becomes a pontianak to seek revenge and terrorise villages. Pontianak happens also to be the capital of the Indonesia province of West Kalimantan which has nothing to do with the vampire.

In folklore, the pontianak often appears as a beautiful and seductive woman, usually accompanied by the strong scent of frangipani (called Bunga Kubur in Malay or "Graveyard Flower")

Villages believe that the Pontianak resides in banana trees during the day.

The pontianak is believed to eat babies and harm pregnant women and has been said to cause miscarriages.

What do you think of the video ? is it genuine ?

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