More Employees Are Expected To Demand Higher Pay By Year End

KUALA LUMPUR: There will be a greater demand for a salary increase by the end of the year as workers will from next month feel the pinch after the fuel price hike, said human resources solution provider Kelly Services.
Its national marketing manager, Jeannie Khoo, said commodity-based companies such as oil and gas and oil palm industries could absorb a salary increase due to a high demand for their products and by-products.

The retail industry and luxury automotive industry may feel a greater pinch as people's spending on non-essential items will drop.

"These industries can only generate higher profit if there is a high domestic demand as purchasing power is low at the current salary ranges."

Food manufacturing and consumer goods companies and travel industries may also be affected due to reduced spending.
"An increase in salary will be hard to absorb for these sectors."

However, she said there would not be a total offset for the travel and automotive industries as more people would travel locally, spurring domestic tourism while more people were expected to buy vehicles with lower engine capacity.

A survey conducted in the first quarter of the year by Kelly Services showed that skilled workers are in high demand in several sectors, particularly manufacturing, information technology (IT), services and banking.

Key findings of the survey have been compiled in the (2008/2009) edition of Kelly Services' Malaysia Salary Handbook launched yesterday.

Khoo said the manufacturing, IT and service sectors were crucial to the nation, especially in realising economic corridors.

"These sectors will not only look out for more skilled workers but also fight to retain workers," said Khoo, adding that as a result, they may be forced to broaden their salary ranges, as shown in the results of the survey

Findings from the survey showed that opportunities within the oil and gas, electrical and electronics, plastics and construction sectors were increasing.

Including banking and IT fields, there are eight sectors that continuously hire skilled workers: call centres, office support, sales and marketing (advertising), human resources, logistics and warehousing, and engineering.

Source: NST


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