Is Hysteria Caused By Evil Spirits ? Or Something Else...

"Guru wanita dan pelajar perempuan diserang histeria" di sebuah Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan di Kuantan, Pahang.

It is known that hysteria is a mental and emotional disorder that generally affects women. The question is, what is the cause of hysteria ?.

Is hysteria caused by evil spirits ?

The famous psychologist, Sigmund Freud (died in 1939) disagreed that hysteria is caused by evil spirits. In 1896 he concluded that the symptoms of hysteria is caused from unconscious memories of sexual abuse in infancy - he claimed that he had uncovered such incidents for every single one of his patients (one third of whom were men).

In the West, since the late 19th century, hysteria is generally believed to be the result of sexual dissatisfaction. The typical treatment of hysteria, then, was massaging of the patient's vagina (by the doctor) and later vibrators or water sprays was used, to cause orgasm.

Despite this psychological findings (or ignorant of it), a secondary school authorities in Kuantan, Pahang, seem to still believe that hysteria is caused by evil spirits.

According to a news report in a local tabloid recently, the school have invited a famous local bomoh called "Datuk" to help them solve cases of hysteria affecting female teachers and students of the school since May this year.

Apparently, the female teachers and students have become hysterical at about midday, everyday, since May this year.

The news report states that the Datuk was invited to solve the case in this school as he has successfully solved a similar case in another school last year.

So, if this Datuk fails to scare the evil spirits away...does anyone of you "fraudian psychologists" want to volunteer to cure these girls of their hysteria (using "western methods") ? hahaha.

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