Food That Help You Lose Weight

According to Men Health Magazine, if you consume these, you'll lose weight:

Green tea - apparently, green tea speeds up your metabolism, so you burn more calories. You'll need to drink at least 5 cups a day for best results.

Miso soup - head to your favorite Japanese restaurant or the nearest Japanese supermarket. As it is made from seaweed and soya beans, studies show that this will help you lose weight.

Chilli - ahhhh...the Malaysian favorite. Mamak food is actually good. Lebih pedas, boss :)

Grapefruit - a grapefruit before each meal has helped dieters to lose weight and it will for you too.

Protein - eat plenty of meat. Isn't this what the Atkins' diet is all about ?

Coffee - I've never heard of this before. Have to check if Starbucks is behind this. :)

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