How To Sell A Fake RM10 Rolex For RM10,000

A group of con artists in Johor Baru convince its victims to buy itmes below market value. One of the victims, a lawyer in her 30s, was sold a fake Rolex for RM10,000.

According to the Star, the lawyer was approached by a man claiming to be a foreigner under the pretext of asking for directions.

The man then told the lawyer that he has about 30 mobile phone, each valued at RM3,000, for sale at Rm1,000 each. Then, two other men (accomplices) joined the conversation on the pretext of wanting to know about the mobile phones.

The first man then showed them a Rolex watch which he said was valued at Rm10,000 - this was "verified" by one of the accomplices who apparently took it to a nearby watch shop to for valuation. The lawyer then bought the fake Rolex for Rm10,000.

I was approached a few times by foreigners (they looked like illegal Indonesian immigrants) outside the bank who offered to sell me "stolen" original luxury watches at below market prices - they said they just wanted to clear stock fast. When they showed me their samples wrapped in pieces of cloth, the watches definitely looked fake to me.

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