Don't Fcuk Around With Kua Beng Hock

Kua Beng Hock fought in court and won a RM300 traffic offence case.

In most cases, someone who has been issued with a traffic summons would have just paid the compound fine and forgotten about it. This however was not the attitude of 69 year-old Kua Beng Hock.

Kua, a retired teacher, disputed the matter and represented himself in court (without a lawyer) until he won the case, after 4 years.

This case started in 2004, when Kua was given a traffic summons by the police for allegedly driving through a red light but Kua had disputed it because the traffic lights had not been working that day.

Read the full story of gutsy Kua Beng Hock in the Malay Mail.

Have you been unfairly been given a traffic summons by the police ?
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