Sex Bombs

Security checkpoints metal detectors at airports are meant to detect and prevent persons concealing dangerous weapons from boarding the aircraft.

Although the intention for this procedure is to ensure public safety, it inevitably does occasionally identify innocent passengers wearing nipple (or virgina rings or whatever metal jewelry on their private parts). If this happens, then the usual practice apparently is for that person to show the security officers, in private, that she / he is just wearing metal jewelry which are not dangerous weapons.

However, in a recent news report a woman from Texas was forced to remove a nipple ring with pliers in order to board an airplane. The contention is that nipple rings are not dangerous weapons and thus need not be removed. Before we dismiss this as common sense, wouldn't it be sensible to ask if nipple rings or whatever, could in fact be bombs or bomb triggering device - it is possible for these things to be made these days, isn't it ? after all, just a few years ago we couldn't imagine having a 4GB thumb drive, but today that is normal; everything is getting smaller.

Also, isn't it possible for a woman terrorist to hide a hand grenade in her vagina ? This is very possible, as in Thailand and elsewhere, erotic stage show dancers (Tiger Show dancers) are able to do amazing feats with their vagina, including concealing sharp objects. Can these vagina bombs be detected by the metal detectors ?

A few years ago when I went to a foreign Embassy in KL for a party, a security officer scanned me with a hand held metal detector at the entrance. He politely said that it was normal procedure to check for bombs. As he was scanning near the area of my crotch I said, "Sir, I have a firecracker there ! you don't wanna ignite it".

How does this work in our local airport ? Please post your comments.


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