Feng Shui And Politics

In an article in the NST 30 December 2007, a feng shui master said that our Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who was born in the Year of the Rabbit, will be having a very good year this year.

All the feng shui masters interviewed were unanimous in predicting that the BN will emerge victorious again in this general election.

On 27 January this year, the NST published another article where feng sui masters said that if the general elections were called in March, the BN will win a landslide victory.

According to one feng shui master interviewed, March in Mandarin is san, which sounds like a mountain, which is a strong earth symbol and also represents longevity.

The feng shui master added that the BN's logo (which is of a scale) contains metal elements and complements the earth element.

"March is the right month with the right element for Barisan Nasional." said the feng shui master. He said any later date for the election will prove unlucky for the BN.

In the same article, another feng shui guru interviewed said BN will be victorious if the elections were held on March 11 and the BN should hold a big celebration on March 13. However, on 15 February 2008 in an article by Associated Press (after the election commission had declared that March 8 would be the polling date), the same feng shui guru was reported saying that March 8 is a good omen and he is confident that the government will garner more than a two-thirds majority in Parliament.

In today's Star, an Indian feng shui master said that one reason for BN's worst defeat this election could be because of the unfavourable astrological planetary positions. He also implied that Dr. Khir Toyo's BN team suffered defeat in Selangor because of the "broom award" to underperforming local councils.

Further, he also implied that, former Port Klang assemblyman, Zakaria Md Deros (who died on Tuesday) suffered the ill fate because he moved into the controversial multi-million-ringgit mansion, which has bad feng shui.

The general elections have come and gone. What do you think ? Is feng shui a "science" (as it is referred to these days) that can accurately predict the future, or is it only good at predicting the past (with the help of hindsight) ? Please post your comments.


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