Buy Your Own Keris

There's a place in Gombak, Selangor called Rubinga Heritage gallery which sells quality replicas of famous keris in addition to other Malay weapons. It also sells miniature Keris attached to keychains :)

Rubinga Heritage gallery located at Sungai Pusu, Gombak (near the International Islamic University campus) is a one stop centre which stocks thousands of keris.

For the Malays, the keris is a dagger that embodies their cultural identity and is a believed to have mystical powers.

The most famous keris in Malay legend is the "Taming Sari" (Hang Tuah's keris). The Taming Sari is to Malay culture as King Arthur's sword "Excalibur" is to the British. Apparently, the Taming Sari still exist today and is in the possession of Sultan Azlan Shah, the Sultan of Perak.

The keris is an indigenous weapon in Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Southern Thailand and the southern Philippines, and it is believed to be inspired by the daggers of Dong-Son in Vietnam (previously part of the Majapahit empire).

So now you know where to buy quality keris, should you decide to have one.


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