Budget Hookers In JB

A prostitution ring in Pontian, Johor catering for foreign factory workers was raided yesterday.

The police raided a house which doubled up as a brothel and arrested Indonesian hookers in their 20s

with 6 of their clients who were Bangladeshi and Nepalese factory workers.

Two of the hookers were apparently in the midst of "entertaining" their clients, while a few other clients were waiting their turn, when the police raided the budget brothel.

According to the news report, the prostitutes are from Medan, Tanjung Balai and Batam.

Read the full story here.

I suppose there would be prostitute rings near factories anywhere in the country, wouldn't there ? Its just a matter of finding them. What do you think ? Please post your comments.


Anonymous said...

the government must not get into their life. this is their life and they are owner of their life, not police or government. so fuckin system!!!!

Anonymous said...

thats just a dumb comment... this is how hiv gets spread...and the lives of others are not theirs to take..understand that

Anonymous said...
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