Gombak - Said Anwar Said Ahmad Vs Azmin Ali

Gombak (P98)

Said Anwar Said Ahmad Vs Azmin Ali

Azmin Ali from Keadilan is former deputy prime minister and current Keadilan de facto head, Anwar Ibrahim’s , blue eyed boy. He is apparently being groomed by Anwar Ibrahim to move up the ranks within the party. Azmin is currently Keadilan’s Vice-President which many claimed was won unfairly as the post should have gone to Anwar’s one time buddy and tennis partner Nallakarupan. Anwar intervened in the Keadilan party election and told Nallakarupan to make way for Azmin Ali. Nallakarupan was bitter about this and left Keadilan last year to form his own Indian based political party.

In this election Azmin competes with Umno’s new kid on the block, Said Anuar Said Ahmad for this parliamentary seat. As the Gombak parliamentary constituency is predominantly Malay thus you can expect a lot of Islamic and Malay-related issues to be debated here, just like the previous general elections. In the 2004 elections, Dr Hatta Ramli of PAS contested and lost to incumbent Dr Raman Ismail of Umno. Dr Raman won with 39, 870 votes from the total 67, 224 votes cast while Dr Hatta gained 26, 663 votes. This time round this seat is hot because the Indian and Chinese votes are expected to swing to the opposition - Keadilan, and the Malay votes will be split between Keadilan and Umno.

Prediction – Azmin Ali of Keadilan to win with a slim majority.

Ok, what do you think, guys ? post your comments.

Every day until the elections I will post about the elections hot seats.


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