Bomohs Making Money From Politicians Part 2

This is Part 2 of an earlier post.

In Part 1, I posted the report by Harian Metro pertaining to how bomohs play a part in the Malaysian political scene especially during the general elections. This is the continuation of that post. So its better to read Part 1 first before you read this post.

The usual items charmed by the bomohs for politicians include pens, the songkok, hair cream, speacial kinds of wood and oils. These items are to be worn or applied to the body of the politician.

The items not only assist a politician to win the election but also serves as protection against the evil intentions of their enemies and adversaries.

According to a bomoh, the pen that is used for this purpose is special because there are hidden numbers and versus of the al-Quran inscribed on it. It is similar with the songkok and the clothes.

The bomoh will also advise the politician on the colours of their clothes, favorable times for certain acts, such as for ceramahs etc. This would also include advise on whether the politician should walk starting with his left or right foot.

A "bomoh politik" referred to as Azli said that prior to important dates such as nomination day and the election day, he will spend a few hours with each of his clients - for "mandi bunga" and prayers.

Azli also said that prior to leaving the house, he will apply "specially charmed" water over his politician client's face.

All these rituals are done, according to Azli, for the candidate to be popular, have self-confidence and charisma.

As an additional precaution, Azli also says that he will usually inspect the location where the candidate proposes to speak at, to ensure that there are no "black magic" influences there that could adversely affect his client.

He adds that black magic influences could adversely affect his client by making him stammer, hated by the contituents and undermine his general charisma.

List of wood and oils used:

Sepah Gajah - to subordinate others

Kemenyan Jampi - an incense which is burnt with tobacco; as protection against black magic

Kayu Penunduk - to subordinate others

Ceneru Gajah - as protection against black magic

Buah Koka (Koka Fruit) - as protection against evil spirits

Minyak Cenuai - to improve charisma and popularity

Raja Kayu - to improve self-confidence

Remungai - as protection against black magic

Teras Remugai - as protection against black magic and also has the ability to return the evil forces back to the sender

Kayu Campuran - a cylinder shaped talisman made from 7 types of wood including Pemungai, Sepah Gajah, Penunduk, Koka and Ceneru Gajah to be inserted into a pen

Rings - rings to be worn are usually made from the abovementioned items

Buluh Tumpat and Sula Bertam - for strength and energy; protection against physical attacks


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Thats all folks, if you have further information about bomoh practices, please leave a comment.


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