Spy Cam For Mischief

The Star reported that for as little as RM300 you can easily set up a wireless camera to spy on unsuspecting victims.

The newspaper said that the price of a pinhole camera, about the size of a matchbox, starts from RM50, while a wireless transmitter and receiver set can be bought at RM250.

David Leng who owns an electronics store said the camera could easily be bought and installed by anyone without the need to hire a technician.

“You use a screw to attach the camera to the wall or ceiling, and then connect the camera to a wireless transmitter and a power outlet. You can even use a battery to power the transmitter, but of course it won’t last long,” he said

Leng revealed that the wireless set could receive the transmission signal within a 100m radius.

“The wireless receiver is either plugged into a digital video recorder (DVR), or a computer or laptop with audio-visual plug points, to record the images,” he said.

Another electronics storeowner, who wanted to be anonymous, said you could also buy a RM280 USB-enabled DVR, which enables the wireless receiver to be plugged into the USB port of any computer.

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Broz said...

you can get these in low yat. fix it yourself.

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