I Am Lazy

The Malay Mail has reported that Sri Kota Supermarket in Taman Danau Desa, Kuala Lumpur, has had one of its foreign employee hang a sign with the words ‘Sorry, I am Lazy’ around his neck.

A Belgian expatriate stunned by what he saw took a picture of the worker and e-mailed it to Weekend Mail last week.

The Belgian said that it is a shame that this has happened as there is no way one would see something like this in Brussels, London or Paris.

When approached, the supermarket worker in question, who identified himself as Salim from Bangladesh, seemed nervous and was taken aback when shown the picture of him with the sign around his neck.

Salim’s job requires him to carry and sort out boxes, and to clean up, among others. He barely spoke or understood English.

Pasaraya SJ Kota Sdn Bhd which operates the supermarket has since "expressed regret" over the incident and has on the same day submitted a report to the Labour Department.


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