Run Casanova, Run

It has been reported Harian Metro that a group of Casanovas has been preying on married women for their money by enticing them with sweet words of love and affection.

As usual, when the victim fell for the Casanova, he would tell her sob stories about failing businesses, marriages etc to gain the victim's sympathy and trust.

Once the woman is caught in the Casanova's bait, he would shamelessly ask the women for financial assistance. In most instances, the Casanova would succeed.

Some victims claim that the men also used sorcery or black magic to get them to part with their money.

A victim who's called Ani, in her 30s, claimed that she was pestered by a man when she attended a course. She then found herself attracted to him and gave him money whenever they met. When her husband found out, he quickly sought the help of a bomoh who told them that she had been affected by black magic used by the Casanova.

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