Bomoh Defeats Pontianak

Berita Harian has reported that a bomoh (traditional healer) in Batu Pahat claimed to have captured a pontianak (female vampire) that had been harassing a family in Kampung Parit Jalil, Parit Sulong for more than two weeks.

The bomoh, Mohd Razali Palil, 46, claimed that he managed to “defeat” the vampire two days ago. He released it after warning it never to bother the family again.

He added the vampire had been harassing the family from morning till night every day, and regularly revealed itself to the family members.

“I told it to return to its owner after I managed to subdue it by reading some scriptures said the bomoh.

“Such beings usually have an owner who is up to no good,” said Mohd Razali, who is better known to locals there as Wak Jah from Ladang Chaah, Segamat.


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