Working Vs Sleeping

Accoding to the latest study, time spent working has the biggest impact on sleep. The more hours you work, the less sleep you get. What takes most of your time ? - work and commuting time, takes more time off your sleep time, compared to eating and leisure time.

Modern technology which is supposed to increase productivity and give us more free time has infact made our life pace move faster. Read this BBC report.

Sleeping, eating and recreation are necessary activities to sustain life. Working is also a necessary activity to sustain life - earning money to pay the bills for goods and services received to sustain life. However, how much (and at what quality) are these goods and services necessary to sustain your life ? What is the level of comfort necessary for your survival ? Are you willing to pay the price ?

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vipgirlz said...

A good night sleep is important to health.
Some people work but don't take care of their health. The world now is moving at a very fast paced.

Johnny Ong said...

depends on what each person strive for in their life. asking for a higher salary doesn't come free as the employer expects from more also.

u can't have both most of the time

Alvin said...

yea...ever since i started my uni life (been 5-6 years since then), my health is not doing very well esp when i din get enuf sleep. hair also becoming lesser. that's why sleep, to me, is quite important nowadays :D

if too much work..i will jz take a short break every now n then...and not spending too much time on entertainment, but more time on sleep.

The Malaysian Life said...

vipgirlz - the fast pace in life, just to keep up, is killing people.

johnny - they pay 10% extra but expect 200% return.

alvin - not many people have the luxury to take cat naps. Some even work through lunch hour.

Johnny Ong said...

it's whether u know how to handle the work or studies too. sometimes (i'm guilty too) i do the wrong things at the wrong timing which zapped away those hours that i needed.

cld say time management and discipline are important

The Malaysian Life said...

Johnny - Frankly, I sometimes feel that personal time management is merely theoretical. When other people and events essentially control most of your time, you have nothing much of it left to manage.

Snapshots said...

Use to be minimum of 9 hours a night when i was around 15 years old, then it became min 8 hours, now in my 40ty it is 7 hours a night.

seem to get by with lesser sleep as one grows older

sleeplessinkl said...

some nights like tonight, i cannot sleep. I think a lot.
my mind cannot be still. lucky i have a 24 hour mamak near my place.

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