Pavarotti Died Today - A Reminder Of Our Mortality

He lived the best life he could

Famous Italian opera singer Luciano Pavarotti died of pancreatic cancer at his home in the northern city of Modena today. He was 71 years old. Pavarotti was born in the outskirts of Modena, Italy, on 12th October 1935. He was the the son of Adele (Venturi), a cigar factory worker, and Fernando Pavarotti, a baker and singer.

Read the full story in this BBC report.

As a child, Pavarotti was interested in sports; soccer above all. When he graduated from the Schola Magistrale, he faced the dilemma of a career choice. He was interested in pursuing a career as a professional soccer player, but his mother convinced him to train as a teacher. He subsequently taught in an elementary school for two years but finally allowed his interest in music to win out. Recognizing the risk involved, his father gave his consent only reluctantly, the agreement being that Pavarotti would be given free room and board until age 30, after which time, if he had not succeeded, he would earn a living by any means that he could. Read more about his life in Wikipedia.

Pavarotti sold insurance to pay for his singing lessons - MSNBC

"With the encouragement of his then fiancee, Adua Veroni, he started lessons, selling insurance to pay for them. He studied with Arrigo Pola and later Ettore Campogalliani."

Pavarotti enjoyed 40 years on the world stage and became one of the world's biggest-selling artists.

"He was one of those rare artists who affected the lives of people across the globe in all walks of life" London's Royal Opera House

Pavarotti's death reminds us of our mortality as human beings.

Everyone will have to die one day; no one can live forever. It is thus everyone's obligation to live the best life they can. To sing one' s own song.

When I review my life one day, I want to be able to say with pride, that "I have no regrets having lived; I have lived the best life I could. I have also sang my own song"

Luciano Pavarotti. Farewell.

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davors said...

Rest in peace Pavarotti

Vincent said...

I'm not into classical but it's still a big loss.

Angie Tan said...

Pavarotti was unique. Though I'm not a big fan of opera despite studying music for 11years, when I listened to him sing, it was magical.

I believe that we should do the best we could with our lives, not waste it away. Life is already so short, why be so sad, hor?

He will be missed. *Sigh*

Where is my 3 tenors tape...

AdrianC said...

omg this is so sad! i do listen to his songs sometimes and they are just EXCELLENT!

hope he rest in peace. he is in fact a great man. he will be remembered.

adrian said...

If it wasn't for him, I would never have been exposed to opera music. The world has not only lost one of the greatest tenor of all time but a man with a heart of compassion. His work with charities all over is well known.

Rest in peace and may you now sing with the angels in heaven.

The Malaysian Life said...

Davos, Vincent, Angie, AdrianC, Adrian - Yes he will definitely be missed. I've not seen him sing live in concert. What a waste. Even great people have to die. Yes, life is indeed short.

Maalim said...

His stage presence was to be admired and his full bodied lyric-tenor voice defied categorisation as it had all the power of a heldentenor and much of the vocal agility of a tenor leggiero.

Great artist who will be sorely missed.

p.s. Search on youtube for 'Pavarotti - pour mon ame' for an awesome aria.

The Malaysian Life said...

Maalim - He is second to none, isn't he ? He will always be remembered, nevertheless.

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