"Chickens" Not Welcome In Penang Hotel

This is a very unusual sign. I've seen signs that prohibit entry to under aged children, pets and smokers. But specifically prohibiting chickens ? Never.

"Tidak Ayam" = "No Chicken"

Actually, I don't particularly understand this. This Hotel in Penang actually welcomes locals and foreigners (presumably tourists) but prohibit chickens. What if the ayam is ayam belanda (Turkey) - foreign chicken ?.

Is it because of the bird flu ? It can't be, because bird flu is "selsema burung". So all birds should be prohibited. Including crows - "Gagak". Anyway, why would a chicken or ayam wanna go into a hotel ?

Someone, please alert the animal rights NGOs about this.

The new Penang government should do something about this.

I'm serious, you guys. I know you guys are laughing, seeing the drawing of a chicken with a red X across it.

This girl can't get entry !

What do you think guys ? Is this fair or not ? Please post your comments.


Anonymous said...

They are referring to Ayam, street term for prostitutes.
Its just a tongue-in-cheek way of of unwelcoming them into the hotel.

TheMalaysianLife said...

Yes I know. I was just being sarcastic about it. Thanks for your comments. Hope to see more of you comments in other posts too. :)

Mr Lover Lover said...

If no chicken then no fun :)

ipohchai said...

no chicken!
thats a good approach to get rid of the 'chicken' lol

Anonymous said...

All the penang chickens come to KL already....hahaha

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