Local Pimp Exploiting News Report

In a BBC news report (23 August 2007):
Old age 'no barrier' to sex life

"Old age is apparently not preventing US citizens from enjoying active sex lives, researchers there say"


A local pimp, seeing the opportunity to earn the tourist dollar, have installed a special sign at his premises to attract potential elderly customers:

Ok....This is a lame Joke !

Comments please !


spencer said...

LOL this is funny. near my house all the ah pek old man like to go to the massage and do it with the china and indon girls, go viagra what

Anonymous said...

not only in america or elderly mat sallehs like to skrew. asians also like, look at china and india - more than 2 billion people.

Anonymous said...

malaysian old man can rape his own daugher lah...what you think ?

Anonymous said...

in pj got fuck shop wit old ladies. i know one in pj old town. rm50 one shot.., economic times mah

thk said...

in fact there is a good market for oldie sex. old people also need it but they dont know where to get it.

The Malaysian Life said...

spencer - I suppose viagra does help, doesnt it ?

anonymous - Old people, especially men, still do have strong sexual urges.

thk - think thats a good business idea ?

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