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AH BENG VEHICLE (or called ABV, in short)

Being an Ah Beng means more than just the clothes and the attitude. It is about being practical as well. This car is prepared for the thick haze that hits KL about twice every year.

Just look at those head lights - 4 additional round ones being installed. How can you not be able to navigate through the thick haze with a car like this ?

Surely this will greatly reduce traffic accidents during the "haze season" - yes its seasonal.

Also, you can be alerted against policemen hiding behind the bushes ahead, waiting to "saman" you (for whatever reason), because you can spot them from afar with these powerful headlights.

The relevant ministry should study the special features of this car and pass legislation to make it compulsory for all cars in Malaysia - All Cars - to have an additional 4 round headlights. Nevermind if it looks ridiculous - IT WILL SAVE LIVES :) and some "saman".



The orginal Batmobile (from the movie Batman Begins 2005)

Malaysia at its innovative best, as usual. Now stop laughing you peasants ! Let me finish my story first...

The government should also support "home made" Malaysian "car manufacturers" by permitting everyone to assemble their own cars at the backyard of their homes. Instead of "Made In Malaysia", it can be "Malaysian Home Made" - Home Made Cars.

With this initiative, Im sure an Ah Beng will soon assemble a flying car (or a car that looks like it can fly) - this can then be included in our aviation or space program. Who cares if the car can really fly or not, right ? It's the perception that matters - as long as the car has wings, Malaysians can be convinced that it can also fly.

Anyway, if the flying car really cannot fly, then this initiative can be put under the purview of the Ministry of Arts and Culture, instead of the Ministry of Science and Technology - because it will be an artistic and cultural effort instead of a scientific and technological one. :)

Note: I've actually already seen a few prototypes of these "flying cars" on the streets (and they had many blinking neon-like lights on them too) - but those had rather small wings attached to them lah. My friend suggested maybe they were not cars, but UFOs, because she saw what looked like aliens driving the vehicles.

What do you think guys ? Malaysia Boleh ? Please post your comments (I know you guys are still laughing...)


Anonymous said...

Ah beng idiots. I saw one car that was modified to look like an aircraft. Bloody ugly. Stupid fuckers.

Anonymous said...

maybe the gov should encourage this "ah beng tech" and turn it into a cottage industry. "home made cars" hahahaha. funny.

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