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"Batu Ajaib" in Malay literally means Magic Rock or Magic Stone or Mystical Rock / Stone . Some batu ajaib are small and are thus called stones, whilst the larger ones are called rocks - I got to point this out just in case some readers get confused.

In Malaysian mythology, a "Batu Ajaib" invariably refers to a stone or a rock (depending on its size) that serves as an oracle of sorts.

Just to digress a little, please note that this has nothing to do with Harry Potter's philosopher's stone (in the US film it is called the sorcerer's stone).

The correct term is actually the philosopher's stone; which in ancient alchemical text is the essential ingredient necessary to change base metal into gold. And that is a stone, not a rock.

Anyway, the batu ajaib I'm referring to is a large stone - something like what the picture above illustrates, thus, it is a magic rock.

The point of all this is that I'm going to start a new category called The Batu Ajaib Speaks - "the magic rock speaks". Here, you will have the opportunity to ask the batu ajaib questions and receive its answers. Feel free to ask anything.

Send in your questions via email to and I will pose your questions to the batu ajaib. Your questions will be randomly selected and the answers will be posted here weekly.

P/s: please type in the title of your email The Malaysian Life, so I'll know it is not some spam. Also include your name or nick, and where you are from, eg. KL Malaysia, Sydney Australia, Bongkok Thailand etc, just to identify you.


Title: The Malaysian Life

Hi Batu Ajaib,

Q: How do I have an affair with my boss ?


Susan, from PJ Selangor


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dante said...

wow, now this is interesting. can i ask for 4D numbers? just kidding.

would u mind if i added a link to ur blog? it's a very interesting blog.

TheMalaysianLife said...

Hi dente, nice seeing you here again.
You have an interesting blog yourself. Sure, go ahead and link to this blog if you so wish.

Yozora NiteSky said...

Do You Believe in Astrology was the very first post I read off your blog and have not stopped since. Great stuff! Subscribed to it and would like to link your blog very much, if it's ok.

Be sending my question to Batu Ajaib after this :)

TheMalaysianLife said...

Thanks, yozora. The important thing is to question our conventional beliefs. Please visit this blog often and share your views. We can discuss things and learn more from each other.

Anonymous said...

ok. ive sent an email to the magic rock.

TheMalaysianLife said...

Ive already sad in my spam !. I today I got an email from an idiot from Africa claiming to be a royal and he wants me to help him dispose of $5 million. As far as I know Uganda is a republic. It has no royalty.

TheMalaysianLife said...

I suppose I cant stop idoits from spamming. I received email giving me a link to some free internet marketing ebook. Thanks but I dont need any ebooks. I there are millions of free ebooks online that are unread.

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