Bank customers warned not to reveal PIN or password

PETALING JAYA: Bank customers, do not reveal your PIN or password and computer logon details to anyone seeking to obtain them by phone or e-mail.

And those who receive calls or e-mails on the pretext of urging customer to update their details should advise their banks immediately.

This is one of the security tips outlined by the Association of Banks in Malaysia to ensure customers PIN or password are not compromised when using Internet banking in view of the recent “phishing” scam.

The associations’ executive director Wong Suan Lye said banks that offer Internet Banking services would not request customers to reveal or verify their PIN or passwords for whatever reasons via e-mail, a hyperlink through the e-mail or by phone.

“Without PIN or password, the fraudster would not be able to access the customers’ Internet Banking accounts. If in doubt, contact your respective banks for verification,” she said in a press statement.

She was responding to a report on a group of 13 computer-savvy youths nabbed recently for alleged Internet scam called phishing.

The group is believed to have conned at least 26 people by using e-mail and fake websites to lure Internet users into providing their personal banking details which were then used to steal more than RM36,000 from their accounts in two weeks.

Other tips include:

# Before doing online transactions, customers must ensure that they were using a legitimate website.
# They should not put any sensitive information that might help provide access to their account, even if the website appears legitimate
# Always enter the URL of the website directly into the web browser to ensure that it begins with “http”. They should also look for a display of a closed padlock symbol on the status bar of their browser. erification of the website Digital Certificate is also recommended.
# They should also always remember to log-off when they have completed their banking transactions.

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