More malaysian women having extramarital afffairs.

Malaysian women are now cheating on thier husbands. According to the NST women who cheat on thier husbands are the ones who were usually cheated first by thier husbands.

Malaysian women now don't feel it is taboo to leave thier husbands.

National Registration Department records showed that although the number of couples going separate ways had tripled from 3,291 cases in 2004 to 9,919 in 2005, the numbers for the following year fell to 5,748.

Last year, only 23,880 couples tied the knot compared with 53,783 marriages in 2001, 55,314 in 2002, 57,882 in 2003, 57,530 in 2004 and 50,335 in 2005.

"Some people claim that marriage interferes with romance. There's no doubt about it. Anytime you have a romance, your wife is bound to interfere." The Groucho Phile, 1976

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Well, today Malaysian women are more independent. I have heard of cases where "when husband is away, the wife will play". The husband has probably a girlfriend(s) outside, and the wife knows of this. If the wife is attractive and is pursued by other men - the possibility of her "playing the field" is very great. I hear that in KL even single professional women now are open to "discreet relationships".

What do you guys think ? any comments ?


Anonymous said...

what's the fuss?? men do that more often than women... and why is it, that when men do have extramarital affairs, people are OK with that.. but women do that, everyone is jumping over it?? WHY?? have some sense and let us all go back to the very basic principle of marriage....

TheMalaysianLife said...

Nothing is the fuss. I think what is good for one is also good for the other. If things doesnt work out then...somehow an alternative resolution needs to be made.

Anonymous said...

My wife had an affair for 4 years with this idiot. I found out last November. What can I son is only 3 years old!

I am still staying together with this women supposingly is my wife for the sake of my son.

I don't love her anymore. I just cannot forgive her.

I can't even watch love movies coz it hurts seeing people so loving and I have such a woman as my "wife"!

Life with love - Rather die!

Thomas said...

Malaysian women are just as bad as the men. I know my friends wife who give excuse of going salsa dancing with friends. Always at Armada Merchant Pub...dancing and looking for younger guys to have fun with.

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