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THREE’S A COMPANY: Siew (left), Sim and Wong.
THREE’S A COMPANY: Siew (left), Sim and Wong.

With the promise of reliable one-stop service, one car workshop in the PJS area is worth a visit. FONG LEONG MING meets three former Monfort Boys who are determined to succeed with honest business ethics.

EXPERIENCED: Getting your car in good working order again is Sim’s passion.
EXPERIENCED: Getting your car in good working order again is Sim’s passion.
NOTHING brings peace of mind more than having a reliable mechanic, especially if you brave the city traffic daily to earn your keep.

Ensuring your car is in tip-top shape involves regular maintenance, and who knows when the vehicle needs some knocking back into shape or even a signal light changed?

Never fear. The Monfort Boys are around. Meet the trio at Mission Carcare Sdn Bhd, who set up shop at the PJS area of Petaling Jaya about 1½ years ago.

Sim Hui Siang, 29, and his colleagues Wong Chan Keong, 26, and Siew Ngan Yeong, 30, can often be seen tinkering under the hood at their modest shop in Jalan Petaling Utama 6 from 9am to 6pm daily (except Sundays).
From a slow start, business is picking up as residents in the area warm up to their reliable ways.

Sim stays in Shah Alam but prefers the PJS area as he feels it is convenient to get around.

“Whether it’s PJ or Subang, all my suppliers and contacts — to whom I outsource jobs such as spraying — are nearby,” he says.

Sim, who is the eldest of four siblings, not only studied at Monfort Boys Town to learn the intricacies of car mechanics, he also returned the favour later by lecturing there for two years.

Siew was his senior while Wong was his student. They are men of few words and so it was up to the youthful and more dynamic Sim to disclose more about what they do and what led them to it.

As is to be expected, Sim’s inclination for dismantling toys as a child probably led to him developing an interest in all things cars. In fact, his hobbies — other than badminton and watching F1 races — is modifying cars.

However, his efforts are restricted to modifying his own car thus far (as he says it is a labour of love and does not bring him much financial return).

Subsequent to his years at Monfort, he worked at various places including at tyre establishments as well as a stint in Lion Suzuki.

The trio handles normal servicing of cars, wiring jobs, spraying, knocking and tyre alignment and engine overhaul.

“We are not a big outfit and therefore we cannot compete with the big boys in terms of sophisticated machines. However, I can tell you for certain that when we accept a job, it will be well carried out,” says Sim.

And if you’re a regular and your car breaks down in KL, PJ or Subang Jaya, Sim or his colleague will be there to lend a hand — if it is not too out of the way due to their limited resources and manpower. They can, however, pick up cars from customers’ homes/offices for servicing or to carry out minor repairs.

The mechanics use only original parts, which accounts for the prices quoted for some repair jobs.

“There are many shops nearby which quote much cheaper prices but imitation parts are used. One should not compromise on safety. To say we are pricey is therefore not true,” says Sim.

The PJS area is dotted with car service shops — numbering more than 20 at last count — and so business is competitive, to say the least.

The Montfort trio is unfazed by this; as Sim says, “We believe in good work ethics. Honesty is important, as is being responsible. Good means good — one should not cheat others. We will build our reputation and business based on these values.”

Such a professional attitude is refreshing, not least in a world where unscrupulous car mechanics abound.

By the way…

The PJS area comprises mostly small businesses, offices and workshops. To get there if you’re travelling along Old Klang Road, keep left after the traffic lights junction (which turns to Jalan Gasing). Take the second turning to the left to get to Jalan Petaling Utama 6.

While the area bustles during the day, activity winds down quickly just before dusk and the area becomes quite deserted, with the sound of Mat Rempit motorcycles occasionally disturbing the peace.

In the vicinity are, thankfully, a couple of police stations, a post office, a bank and a few coffee-shops which, incidentally, serve great fare for breakfast and lunch.

The wantan mee stall at the nearby YYS Restaurant, for instance, is superb. There is also a large vegetarian restaurant here.



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