Fuss-free durian moments

By Ridzwan A. Rahim

POPULAR: The Wai durian stall at SS2/65
POPULAR: The Wai durian stall at SS2/65

Streets continues its durian trail trek and ends up at a ‘restaurant’. RIDZWAN A. RAHIM writes that this place is ideal for those who love durian but hate the mess.

EXPERT AT WORK: Ah Wai opening a durian.
EXPERT AT WORK: Ah Wai opening a durian.
THE durian has such a pungent odour, it actually qualified for reality TV show Fear Factor. For every person who likes its “aroma”, there are others for whom the smell makes them queasy.

Naturally, many city folk do not want the “king of fruit” anywhere near their houses or their cars. They may not necessarily hate the fruit (in fact, Malaysians in general actually like durian) but getting rid of the smell is not easy.

If you like durians but prefer not to have to deal with any of the mess associated with eating them, a place like Wai Fruits and Durian Stall in SS2 Petaling Jaya would be just perfect.

The stall offers a fuss-free durian eating experience. Patrons can come and sit at tables, order from a menu and, well, eat their fill. And wash their hands after they’re done eating. It is effectively a durian restaurant.
Finding the place is easy. Just make your way to the SS2 police station and follow the durian smell in the air. It will lead you to a stall with two red canopies.

Parking around the area is not a problem, and with trees surrounding it, Wai Fruits and Durian Stall has a nice orchard-like ambience to it.

The stall is managed by a group of Ah Bengs led by Cheah Kim Wai or Ah Wai, as he is known among his customers. They are young and friendly and they even have a website — www.durianss2.com.

Ah Wai, who hails from Perak, said he has been operating the durian stall for the past four years.

His customers are made up of all kinds of durian lovers: families, office workers, businessmen in their Mercs and BMWs, college students and the occasional Mat Sallehs (foreigners).

“Most people like to come here after dinner between 8pm and 11pm,” he said, adding that some of the regulars frequent the place almost every day!

Ah Wai said the durians come from his relative’s orchard in Bentong, Pahang.

Altogether, there are 10 types of local durians on offer, including Raja Kunyit which is the crowd favourite, Thraka, Tawa, Hor-Lor, Udang Merah and a few of the “numbered” varieties such as No. 2, 13, 24 and 101.

Newbies who feel pening (dizzy) by the heady variety of choices can just ask Ah Wai and his team for a recommendation.

More often than not, they will be offered Raja Kunyit. The flesh of this durian, which has a smooth texture, is deep yellow. It has a fragrant smell and flat seeds. It is also one of the tastiest.

“We ask the customers whether they like their durian sweet or bitter. We can tell the taste of the durian by the way it smells,” said Ah Wai, adding that many actually prefer bitter durian.

Customers are charged by the kilogramme. Ah Wai charges RM18 per kg for Raja Kunyit while others like the 24 are priced at RM10 per kg.

Apart from durian, Ah Wai’s stall also offers mangosteens and coconut water as side orders. For patrons who choose not to order any drink, plain water is available for free.

A sink with tap water and paper towels allow customers to wash their hands after digging into the tasty menu.

And like many other restaurants, Wai Fruits and Durian Stall offers take-away. Smaller durians are available in front of the stall at RM10 for three.

Wai Fruit and Durian Stall is located along Jalan SS2/65, Petaling Jaya. It is open now till October, from 12.30pm to 12.30am daily.



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