How Singaporean Women Trap Their Husbands And Lovers

It is called "Honey Trap". This is a growing trend in Singapore. Men are set up by their wifes and girlfriends, who hire someone to test their husbands and boyfriends fidelity.

Usually private investigators (PI) are hired to set the trap. These PIs use sexy women as bait to test the faithfulness of their clients’ spouses and lovers.

PI firms have been reported to charge between S$5,000 to S$18,000 (RM11,500 to RM41,400) for a month’s work.

All the "honey trappers" appear to use the same tactic: They will set up a “chance meeting” between the bait and the target in pubs, MRT stations or in the area where the target works.

Typically the bait (a girl) bumps into him (target) and strikes a conversation under the pretext of wanting to borrow his cellphone, asking for the time or directions etc . A “friendship” may develop between them by subsequent exchanges of calls, text messages or emails.

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